And te Story Goes .​.​. part 2

from by Akustik Underground

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With theramin, synth wobbles, vox loops, expressive acoustic drums & tambourine, this is the next 7 of 90 verses of an an epic Slovenian orchestral electro rock love story of an ugly looking kind god & a beautiful looking corrupt human. Written by Chutoslav with Crystal Grid multidimensional production & world famous percussion magician, Greg Sheehan.


Verse 5
Počakam, kjer stojim in vdihnem,
I wait where I'm standing and inhale,
žmah omame njenega telesa...
aroma smells of her gentle body...
In zaprem oči, v temi kihnem:
And I close my eyes and sneeze into the dark:
"Jaz sem Bog, to vedi, in nebesa!"
"I am a God, you should know, and a Heaven !"

Verse 6
In kviz za te: če jaz sem ti
And quiz for you: if l am you
kot praviš sama, kako mogoče je,
as you are saying, how then is it possible,
da me preziraš, piješ svojo kri
that you despite me, drinking your own blood
in spiš kljub temu hladno...?"
and still sleep tightly with cold feelings…?

Verse 7
"Poznam te Svetohlinec, o, da,
"I know you Hypocrite, oh yes,
kako se plaziš, se zažiraš, naskakuješ.
how you're crawling, sucking up and overtaking.
Ideal ni lovorika, niti glava tvoja podla,
I don't want a medal, not even your mean head bounty,
hočem mir, ne tebe kak' modruješ.
I want peace and freedom, not your wisdoming.

Verse 8
Želim si, da te ni, saj si želiš oblast,
I wish that you'd be gone, cos you just want power,
nad dušo in telesom, hočeš vodit me
above my soul and body, you wanna control me
in to ni prav, ni duše prav ljudem ukrast,
and that's not right, it's not right to steal people's souls,
ti vrag peklenski - sedaj jaz sodim te."
you cursed Demon - now l'm judging you."

Verse 9
"Vztrajam! Tvoja sodba naj odsev bo ogledalu;
"I insist ! Your judgement is just a reflection in a mirror;
sodiš sebi. Kakšne tvoje so vrednote norm?
you're judging yourself. What are your morals and ethics?
Pozabljaš, da si jaz: opora-skropocalo;
You're forgetting, you are me: lean on me, even though i might break
kakšen je problem, kakšen tvoj je skriti bol?
What's the problem, what is your hidden pain?

Verse 10
Igraš se z Bogom, si prepričana, da delaš prav?
You're playing with God, are you sure you are doing the right thing?
Kot pravim, res si ljubka, čisto nič ne veš!
As I said, you really are cute, you don't know anything at all!
Mar v sebi res toliko zlobe nosiš? Ves krvav
Do you really need to carry so much anger inside you ? All bloody
zajadra pav presrečen v višine in smeš
peacock happily flying up in the air. And you can

Verse 11
smejat se z mano katahrezi,
laugh with me to a this total contradiction
saj smejim se rad, s teboj še bolj,
I like to smile, with you around even more.
ak' smejem tebi se, sem krut, a vrezi
If l laugh at you, I'm cruel, but my cuts
rane bolečin so tvoje delo - v srce kol.
& wounds are your work - stake pole in the middle of the heart.


from And the Story Goes .​.​., released October 7, 2014
Written by Chutoslav, Vocals, Guitar, Producer: Chutoslav
Drumkit & Tambourine: Greg Sheehan,
Produced @ Crystal Grid Studios, Byron Bay by Tone Wonderland
Mastered by Pete Robinson



all rights reserved


Akustik Underground Byron Bay, Australia

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